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Baby bearded dragons 

Baby Bearded Dragons

Our own babies hatched mid July 2019 showing great colours and getting better with every shed.

I've put a lot of time into these so they are dead friendly and eating like monsters. Mom is a citrus 

We can also supply a full setup for these guys and are doing as a deal £299.00 all in ,including a baby beardie .

The setup includes everything to get you started and is a setup for life 4ft vivarium full length uvb tube complete with a microclimate dimming thermostat .The  baby dragons are on there own are £45 each and will be only sold singularly, unless proof of seperate setups of course.

We also reserve the right to refuse sale these are our animals and we want the best possible lives for them. Please make sure youve done your research and know what your getting into. We can and will advise on any questions you may have before or after purchase. 

Leopard gecko

super snow cb19 still a little to young to sex . Eating like a champ


Baby Yemen Chameleon 

We have the cutest ever clutch of baby Yemen Chameleons hatching at the moment

They will be ready to go mid October, we will be taking deposits in the next few weeks when we have a better idea on males and females available

We can also supply a full setup for them consisting of a Reptibreeze mesh enclosure ,Arcadia pro t5 uvb, a dome lamp with basking bulb and either a Microclimate or Habistat dimming stat as your basic setup. 

Make sure to do your research once setup right these make real nice pets ill be working with them as babies hand feeding etc so hopefully they should be fairly used to being around people when you get them