Underground Reptilez

Live and frozen food

Our Live Food

Deals on bulk buys include bugs £2.50 a tub ...or any 3 tubs for £6.00 or why not take 5 tubs for £9.00 You can mix and match chose from locusts

crickets ... mealworms..wax worms..morio worms and dubia roaches .

We have other live food available but not part of the deal, fruit beetles, calci worms ,buffalo worms ,spring tails tropical woodlice, etc most of these are order only as not regular sellers .

Ask for more details

Our Frozen Food

Our frozen deals where you buy 4  of the same item get 1 free this applies from a few pinkies up to giant rabbits.. again superb quality and always have plenty in stock though bigger orders a few days notice may be needed .

We carry a good stock of  Mice..Rats..Chicks..Rabbits..Piglets..

with other items available to order hamsters ..quail..pigeon..etc

Frozen Aquatic Food

We also stock frozen fish / turtle food... brineshrimp ...bloodworm .. turtle food .. lance fish ..mysis shrimp ect ect...

again the buy 4 get 1 free offer applies