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Tarantula and other inverts stock list

We buy in all of our stock, some may come in labelled up as female (this applies more to the tarantulas and other arachnids) they are then sold as such. Unless it molts with us here and then I'll sell as confirmed female and you get to have the original molt as proof.

We use as a scale to get an idea on size 

Small 0-2cm, Medium 2-5cm, Large 5-8cm

Extra large 8cm+


  • Nhandu carapoensis Brazilian red (medium) £40.00
  • Heteroscodra maculata Togo starburst (large) £40.00
  • Aphonopelma hentzi Oaklahoma brown (large)
  • Brachypelma Emilia Mexican red leg (medium) 
  • Chilobrachys sp. Nong ya plong Lavendar earth tiger (large) £40.00
  • Poecilotheria metalica Gooty Sapphire (large) £85.00
  • Poecilotheria regalis Indian ornamental (medium) £35.00
  • Neothele incei Trinidad olive (small) £25.00
  • Ceratogyrus Marshall Straight horned baboon (medium) £30.00
  • Brachypelma klaasi Mexican pink beauty (extra large) female £89.99
  • Ceratogyrus darling Rear horned baboon (small) £25.00
  • Monocentropus balfouri Socotra Island blue baboon x4 communal (small) £90.00
  • Haplopelma hainanum Black earth tiger (extra large) female £89.99
  • Tliltocatl albopilosum curly hair (extra large) female £55.00
  • Lasiodora parahybana Salmon pink (large) on hold####
  • Bumba cabocia Brazilian red head (large) sub adult female £60.00
  • Oliou giganteus Giant crab spider Huntsman (medium) £20.00
  • Poecilotheria metalica Gooty sapphire (extra large) female £125.00
  • Davus pantilois Mexican tiger rump (small) sling £15.00 x3
  • Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli Parachute spider (large) in glass setup £40.00
  • Poecilotheria rufilata Slate red ornamental (large) in setup £55.00
  • Grammastola pulchra Brazilian black (large) female £120.00